Everyones journey is different, for some its about loosing weight and gaining confidence, for others its about building muscle, and adding size to improve the way they look and feel about themselves.

Check out this incredible Bulking Bible transformation by Leon (@mataslefttoe), building on his naturally lean frame to add some serious size and muscle mass… Top work!



How has LDNM effected you both Mentally and Physically?

I have gained a huge amount of muscle and confidence over the last year using the Bulking Bible. The guide has really improved the way I look and feel about my body. 


Why Would You Recommend LDNM to others?

I would recommend LDNM to anyone, when I begun I was just a beginner in the gym. The Bulking Bible allowed me to plan and structure exactly what I needed to do in the gym and in the kitchen, which has enabled me to reach my goals. 


Gents add size with our Bulking Bible here.