Another absolutely inspiring transformation from one of our #LDNMLadies. Just 4 weeks into the Bikini Guide and Jemma plucked up the courage to compare her before and after shots… When she saw the incredible difference she shared them with us. This is epic;

How Has LDNM Affected You Both Physically & Mentally?

” The LDNM Bikini Guide has helped me physically because I was doing so well but felt like I’d hit a brick wall, I spent hours searching on social media trying to find out “how do girls look like that” but once I found LDNM and realised what my body was capable of I completely changed my mind set for the better”!
“I spent time reading the guide, and particularly the nutrition section. It enabled me to learn about my macros and food intake and how to quickly and simply keep track by entering my food into MyFtinessPal. Even if you are a beginner don’t be put off by macros and weighing food you can build up to that, and just start with the beginner nutrition section”.
“I was 67kg 4 weeks ago and I’m now 63.5kg which is such a great feeling. It’s not all about the weight loss either, the photos say it all! I love having the programme to follow on my phone and now even add additional abs on ab day (I used to avoid doing abs 100% of the time)”. 

Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“I would most certainly recommend LDNM because the lads are there to support you and the #LDNMLADIES ! I have started to focus on myself and feel so great for it ! Bring on weeks 4-6 💪🏾”. 


Ladies, Don’t Delay, Start Today!