Training is meant to be an enjoyable and healthy part of your lifestyle – but it is easy to get over immersed in the world of fitness with the forums, memes and measuring yourself against just about everyone else in the gym – or worse, on the internet.

All this can turn a healthy part of your life into an unhealthy obsession, affecting your social life, mental and physical health.

Everyone else is bigger, stronger or in better shape than me

Stop comparing yourself against others – it is one of the unhealthiest things you can do. You will lose track of how far you have come and give yourself body dysmorphia. The only person you should be comparing yourself against is the old you, trying to improve yourself.

I’m stressing because I missed a meal or workout

Life happens, plans change – no matter how well laid out they are. You can roll with this and make amends as best you can, or you can stress about something you now can’t change. Eat at the next available chance or combine your missed workout with your next workout. Although if it is something that persistently happens you should assess why – are you trying to do too much in not enough time?

I ate bad food

Only ‘eating clean’ is an easy way to build an unhealthy relationship with food which can turn into an eating disorder. Not eating ‘bad’ food, but fantasising about it and then binging on it is not healthy. Building ‘bad’ foods into your meals (macros) eliminates the build-up of cravings and stigma you attach to them. I’m not saying brownies should be a staple part of your diet, but building one into your meal macros occasionally is better than gorging on a whole box every fortnight.

I’m always late or miss seeing my friends to workout

If workout out starts to affect your home and social life in a negative way, something has gone wrong. Constantly missing social occasions or being late when you have plans will not only make you unpopular, but also earn you the titles of being selfish and boring. Your friends will soon stop inviting you out and your partner/parents will get sick of you. While I’m not saying you should go down the pub every night, maintaining a healthy social life is important to your mental health.

Remember part of not getting stressed out is to have a coherent structure and routine that you can follow and that doesn’t intrude to far into your social life. All four of us here at TeamLDNM work full time and have designed our infamous LDNM Guides with flexibility firmly in mind.