Having written articles on what we regarded as safety essentials when cycling, (helmet and a High-Viz) we thought with the Winter upon us we should add in the Winter Essentials too.

Dry Bag

One of the single most annoying and frustrating issues I face on my daily commute to both work and the gym occurs when it rains. Cycling is fine in the rain, I don’t mind getting wet, but what I can’t stand is when my clothes for work and the gym get soaked, damp and inevitably begin to stink!

For years I opted for a basic approach, using a black bin liner inside my usual bag as my improvisation to keep my kit dry. Needless to say this was less than satisfactory!


It was only recently that I discovered the revolution that is a waterproof rucksack! Genuinely cant believe how long i’ve endured soggy clothing for. After relentless searching and reading I opted for the ‘Altura Vortex

Plenty of storage space, plenty of support straps and waterproof along with a secured/zip valuables pocket.

I got mine from Hargroves Cycles, where I get a lot of my bike kit from, click here.


Nothing worse than a wet bum, and arriving soaking! I have opted for the most simple method, the aptly named ‘Ass Saver’. A simple and clever piece of plastic that slides in your saddle rails and does the job very well. ass-savers-extended-mudguards

I also use the Crudcatcher MK2’s on my other bike, these really do give you the most comprehensive protection from road spray.







Winter/Durable Tyres

Getting stranded with a puncture is to be avoided at all costs, scrimping on tyres is a false economy and will cost you dearly both in terms of time, inconvenience but also inner tubes!


I currently run and really rate the Continental Gatorskin Hardshell, which give excellent puncture protection and durability.



It’s a must. Riding without lights is like riding being invisible to cars and lorries. Be safe be seen.


Currently using this set of Cateye Lights, very bright and been very reliable to date.










The first part of your body to get the coldest and feel the burn of the wind. I am using the Altura Night Vision Gloves, which are warm, visible and have the added benefit of being waterproof, with a thermal inner glove too!

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