So the festive period is rapidly approaching, and so too is the New Year. No doubt fitness goals are already being set, dream bodies idolised, and concern mounting as to how to deal with the inevitable temptations that we will face over this period. 

First things first, we at Team LDNM are normal human beings! It would be nothing short of a lie to sit here and preach about how all of our Xmas dinners will be meticulously weighed, prepared and fit perfectly within our calorie or macro allowances. So how do we conquer Christmas and New Year?

Balance, harmony, respect and basic decency.

Xmas is a time to relax both mentally and physically for both yourself and others around you. It is, in our view, almost socially unacceptable to start demanding the packaging from your Xmas dinner from your Mum, or whoever has been kind enough to cook the feast, in an attempt to squarely hit your macros…We all know the stress involved with creating a delicious Xmas dinner, and pestering the cook(s) so that you can get precise macros, and then getting in the way by trying to weigh your portions out is not likely to go down remotely well! We can assure you (maybe from personal experience) that the chances are that any attempt to do so will result in being screamed at or worse still, a monumental argument.

Lets face it Xmas is a period to be happy, jolly, and rid yourself of the years stresses and woes. So whatever you do don’t allow yourself to destroy that opportunity. Unwind!

Damage Limitation

Granted, we are obviously all conscious of what we eat, but to let go for a meal or two over the Xmas period is no bad thing. When we say let go, we don’t mean a no holds barred full on desecration. Rather, what we mean, is eating the foods we want, enjoy and desire, and indulging in a bigger portion than usual. Generally speaking ‘letting our hair down’.

By now you will have a good grasp of what food sources typical values are, and what foods are typically high in fat, protein or carbohydrates. To this extent, you can, should you wish, guestimate what you have consumed. Should you then want to make amendments to subsequent meals that day that are non family/socially orientated and not argument creating, then you can of course do so.

Another option that is something which we feel is beneficial to both mind and body, is to utilise the hours where you can find yourself kicking about, getting in the way and being a nuisance, to grab some fresh air. A decent walk on Xmas day, and getting out of your parents/ families hair for an hour or so is a great way to burn some excess calories and keep the peace at home, whilst allowing you to work up an appetite for the meal ahead.

What will happen?

So you overshoot your macros on a set day? We can say for sure this will be true of ALL of us here at TeamLDNM. What are your options?

  • Let it ruin your Xmas, cause bad feeling between you and your family, mum, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend wife or husband?
  • Get despondent, feel guilty and put yourself in a foul mood and detract from other people’s enjoyment?
  • Exercise balance, face reality and realise that one single meal will NOT reflect in the mirror and will NOT come between you and your goals. At the very most, use your indulgent period to provide motivation for the coming year ahead. Just in the same way as one salad won’t shed pounds off you, one meal won’t pile pounds on. Keep yourself mentally positive, and don’t let yourself develop an unhealthy relationship with food.


Just remember Xmas only comes around once a year. Exercise balance, be real, be social and don’t be selfish.

If you do find that your motivation is lacking, or you begin to feel down about your Xmas endeavours, be sure to read these two epic articles by myself and MB.

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From all of us here at Team LDNM, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

James, Tom, Max and Lloyd.