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I recently attended a Layne Norton training day, and unsurprisingly, there was a fair bit of squatting involved! I’d never used weightlifting shoes before, but on the advice of Layne and a few keen power lifters at the event, I was convinced to make the investment.

Weightlifting shoes have really helped with reducing knee wobble and forward lean when squatting, especially when going deep and heavy. It may have been partly down to a placebo effect, but I was immediately and comfortably squatting heavier and with better form. As well as making the squat feel like a more natural, solid movement, they provide a solid platform for other heavy compounds such as bench press, military press, dumbbell shoulder press, etc, which are all affected by body position, posture and overall stability (contact with the ground).

The shoes I’ve bought, and the female equivalent, can be found in the below links. I would highly recommend weightlifting shoes for those serious about strength gains and powerlifting, and for the more regular squatters out there.