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I’ll admit I was the first person to immediately dismiss ‘overnight oats’ as more of a pretty photo opportunity and a fashionable meal, rather than a genuinely tasty and useful meal option. However, after giving them overnight oats a couple of tries, with various combos, the meal has proved to be pretty versatile and rather delicious. Overnight oats are also great to switch in and out with porridge or a cooked breakfast (especially on Monday mornings!), which both quickly become monotonous.



100g rolled oats,

200ml Koko dairy-free milk,

75g (one medium) mashed banana,

50g blueberries,

50g protein powder (or if Vegan opt for our Vegan Protein). 



Add the oats and milk to a sealable container such as a tupperware container and mix.

Add the protein powder by the tablespoon- ensuring the spoon before is mixed throughout before adding more to avoid clumping.

In another bowl mash the banana, before adding the blueberries and lightly crushing these so the juices can ooze throughout the oats overnight.

Add the fruit to the oats and stir evenly before sprinkling with cinnamon to taste and sealing the container.

Place in the fridge overnight for 6-12 hours (although it will be fine for 1-2 days if sealed and in the fridge)

Remove in the morning and consume!


Macros and Calories:

Calories: 720

Protein: 50g

Fats: 15g

Carbs: 90g


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