Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions is, “what sauce do you most often use on your food, so that it isn’t boring?”

It seems a fairly un-important question. But don’t overlook the potential ramifications of the seasoning you use on your food. The sheer amount of people who cook up a healthy meal and then completely and utterly ruin by indiscriminately coating it in mayonnaise and the like is gobsmacking.  There is nothing worse than eating clean, and then negating its benefits in an attempt to make it more tasty.

Plain and simply Team LDNM, love Tabasco Chipotle, it brings any meal, no matter how boring and how regularly you eat it to life. It spices up anything, be it meat, fish or vegetables. We would be lost without it.

Remember apart from having a varied diet, it’s equally important to have a structured diet and know your macro intake and macro goals. Check out our LDNM Guides for fully comprehensive diet and training plans.

Simple to get hold of, in fact you don’t even have to leave your house, we source ours from Amazon;