Got a date with some weights tonight? Well make it a valentine’s day to remember. Head to the (squat) bar, drop it down low, wake up with a sore bum tomorrow.


5 sets of 5 squats (aim for a new 5 rep max). 3 min rest between sets. Control the eccentric phase, make sure your thighs get parallel to the ground and pause for one second at the bottom of the rep.

3 supersets of 15-20 wide stance leg extension to 8-10 front squats. 90 seconds rest between supersets. Pre-fatigue work on the quads means you won’t be able to front squat the same amount of weight as usual. Make sure to pause at the bottom of the squat.

4 sets of 6-8 Bulgarian split squats each leg. 2 min rest each leg. Make sure the thigh of your front leg you gets parallel to the ground.

3 supersets of 10 single leg leg extension (10 reps left leg, then immediately 10 reps right leg)  to narrow leg extension (both legs this time, using the same weight as before) to failure. 90 seconds rest between supersets. Try to hold the muscle contraction at the top of each leg extension.

3 supersets 10 straight leg dead lifts to 20 dumbbell walking lunges. 90 seconds rest between supersets.

Happy Valentine’s Day!