If you are one of my followers on Twitter, you will know that I’m probably not your standard dieter when it comes to bodybuilding or building an aesthetic physique. I have been described as having quite a strange way of dealing with building in my macros for my current goals. This, mainly because convenience is the key for me, unfortunately (and usually) over taste – especially when in the office Monday through Friday. So, although I love my food, I usually stick to prepping food in bulk, but making sure it takes me no longer than 60 minutes or so to prep, two-three times a week (Sunday eve usually and Wednesday). And, because of this, I found my food to lacks a little bit of choice and I reused the usual suspects each week, often looking over at my work colleagues jealously as they tuck into their lunchtime choices, whether it is Pret, M&S, etc…Anyway, you get the picture I’m trying to paint here.

So, as you may have noticed from my gleeful Tweeting/Instagram posts, I decided to start getting my meals from The Urban Kitchen from Monday through Friday – my two meals I usually consume around 11:30/12 and 4/5pm. The reason for this was many. One, they came highly recommended through a few sources, one of which was the LDNM team who have been working with the founder Toral Shah recently on some superb recipes on the site, & two, after speaking to the Urban Kitchen team, they advised that all I needed to do was provide them with the macros I choose to split in each meal, have a short consultation on the process, my preferred food choices and current goals, and I would get each meal delivered to my office door in the heart of the City of London, daily. Almost sounded too good to be true…

Now, I receive countless questions about how it tastes, how the whole thing works, & generally what I think of it – so here we go, hopefully all questions answered!

From the offset, as the meals started coming in, I could tell I’d chosen well – my first meal of blackened salmon had me almost instantly hooked, and I struggled to actually wait until 5pm to have my other meal. (This is now my only worry when it comes to feeding time at the office zoo). The deliveries have thus far always been on time, within their advised delivery slots (I receive an email each morning with my daily delivery, with timeslot & nutritional breakdown – which means adding to My Fitness Pal for example, couldn’t be simpler), so I can easily manage my diary around them – and the general service has always been superb. The consultative nature of Toral and the team has meant that they are flexible & sensitive around my macro split and timetable as well as keeping my wellbeing in check, using ingredients that help when, for example I’m carb cycling etc.


What have I actually been eating? This is the best part – allsorts, below is a quick sample of the type of meals I have been having regularly:


–        Ponzu Salmon and Ponzu Slaw (low carb)

–        Sichimi chicken &  Asparagus furikake

–        Tuna nicoise, egg & potatoes

–        Lamb Meatballs, Roasted vegetables & yogurt dip

–        Vietnamese pork burgers & sweet potato wedges


Urban 1urban 2urban 3urban 4urban 5

You can tell in the short time I have been using their services there is a clear passion for food and putting together new ideas, while keeping in mind the science behind the nutritional choices (Toral actually has an MSc in Nutritional Medicine, with a thoroughly inspiring story of her own, bio below), but ensuring that flavour and taste are still of utmost importance.

I can honestly say that The Urban Kitchen team has helped this City Boy out no end. I don’t have to worry any longer about my food prep, giving me back some much needed hours after work and at weekends for down time – while providing me with superb tasting, healthy food that fits perfectly into my macro targets and lifestyle goals. More importantly possibly;  I’m enjoying it thoroughly. No longer am I looking jealously at my colleagues meals as I tuck into my usually boring Tupperware, it’s now the complete opposite! Yes, it’s not ‘cheap’ – but I certainly think it’s worth the money in my personal circumstances, as convenience & high quality, reliable food are high on my list of priorities at the moment. Doesn’t represent anything really noticeable above that of the usual Pret run & daily snacking for most anyway. Should also be worth noting that this is only available to those in the square mile, (London City) & Canary Wharf – but who knows where it’ll go next.

If keen to check it out, information is below – and as always, do Tweet me with your thoughts/pics/food boasts @RichieBrewLDNM

Don’t forget to check out the delicious LDNM and Urban Kitchen Lean Mains Recipe Pack for great tasting, easy to make recipes for you to try at home.


Menu example:  http://www.theurbankitchen.co.uk/collections/lunch

Founder, Toral Shah’s Bio:  http://www.theurbankitchen.co.uk/pages/about-toral