Traps, a muscle group which can soon become monotonous and repetitive. Shrugs and more shrugs aren’t exactly conducive to a thrilling workout, nor a productive one if it’s all you ever do for traps.

A welcome variation comes in the form of an upright row, in this instance an upright rope cable row.

DSCF0473Cable upright row 2




  • Attach a rope to a low pulley
  • Take an overhand grip, thumbs facing downwards
  • Arms extended, with a slight bend in your elbow, stood up tall, back flat and a slight bend in your knees
  • Draw the rope up and back towards your chin, let your elbows drive the movement – ensuring your elbows remain higher than your forearms throughout
  • Pause for a hold of 1-2 seconds at the top of the movement, then in a slow and controlled manner lower the rope down for a count of 3 seconds, inhaling as you do.
  • As ever, do not go heavy on this exercise, with this movement particularly their is a greater risk of a shoulder impingement. Keep you form and tempo perfect and aim for a higher rep range – personally 12-15 reps for me.