Yet another incredible transformation! This time it’s Tylers (@tylermeads) turn to show off his incredible results. The photos speak for themselves, but Tyler has lost an incredible 12.9kg and transformed his body composition, he looks great!




More About Tyler’s Journey

“Thank you for your ongoing support, you guys are wicked… Honestly you guys are so real with your content and the information within your Cutting Guide, I can’t tell your how much this has helped me”. 

I started my cut in March and weighted 173lbs I know weigh 144.5lbs (for those that speak in KG thats a loss of 12.9kg). 

Im not sure if the progress shots do full justice to quite how much my body has changed, but its safe to say that the guide has given me a new passion and has changed my confidence and my life. I’ve got a tiny bit more fat I want to shred, but I’m nearly there! 

“I would urge anyone else considering starting their journey to start. I am proof that if you get started there is nothing that can stop you achieving what I have done”. 

“Thanks again guys!”


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