StudentlivingYou hear day in day out Team LDNM harp on about preparation being the key to being Shredded. We also hear people on twitter and via email who are struggling to incorporate their rigid diet into their busy working and social lives.

Team LDNM, like you guys, are all full time workers- in varying professions. We are not full time personal trainers or fitness models. We fully appreciate the difficulties you can face in trying to adhere to a regimented diet. The simplest way of combating the issue is to make your meals in bulk (typically 2-3 days worth at a time). Refrigerate it and then the night before work allocate it into separate tupperware boxes.

Team LDNM never travel without tupperware of some description. It is the easiest method of transport, and ensures you never get hungry and therefore the urge to eat junk food.

Remember our LDNM Guides come with fully comprehensive diet plans – so you won’t be at a loss as to what to put in your tupperware!

Make the small investment in some tupperware and start this routine immediately. We can assure you, you WILL reap the aesthetic rewards.

The Tupperware we use can be purchased below, cheap, durable and crucially microwave proof.