Narrow Grip Bench Press

The bench press, often seen as the holy grail for increasing chest size. However one of my more commonly performed exercises on the bench is designed to primarily focus on your triceps, that being said, of course your chest and shoulders are engaged as ancillaries.

A slightly unnatural movement, especially if you are very familiar with a standard bench press technique, which requires your elbows to be flared outwards. This movement requires you to adopt a narrower grip than normal (inside of shoulder width). When you lower the bar down your elbows do NOT flare outwards, but instead you aim to keep them tucked in so they brush past your body on their descent. Mimic the same principle on your concentric (return) phase, keep the tension on your triceps by not letting your elbows drift outwards. Ensure you do not lock your elbows fully on the peak of each repetition.

As always ensure you keep your eyes focused upwards, and avoid the temptation to lift your head away from the bench or overtly arch your back.


Narrow grip bench press 2

Narrow grip bench press 1