#FreeWorkoutFriday! An infamous & FREE new 6-12-25 tricep workout! ????Tag a friend!???? So here goes: 6 reps of the first exercise, into 12 of the second, then 25 of the 3rd. Can usually smash these workouts out in about half an hour, with a ridiculous pump & DOMS for days! In slightly more depth for those that aren’t familiar with 6-12-25; Do 6 reps (6th rep being failure, 4/5 second eccentric movement) of a large movement, 12 reps on a similar movement (12th rep being failure, 3 second eccentric movement) into a smaller movement for 25 reps where you completely exhaust the muscle (25th rep being failure, 2 second eccentric movement or explode). This circuit is completed 3 – 5 times and usually incorporates a 20-25% weight reduction on the 3rd and 4th sets. ????Remember to tag a friend!???? ‪#‎LDNMuscle‬ ‪#‎LDNM‬ ‪#‎Triceps‬ ‪#‎FitnessFriday‬ #TricepWorkout #ArmWorkout #FatArmFriday #LDNMWorkout

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Here’s another intense 6-12-25 Tricep Workout with MB.


We like to use 6-12-25 at the end of a session in order to get enough volume on a remaining body part, for sessions that have a restricted time length, and to add variety to our training. To perform 6-12-25 workouts it is recommended to go by the following instructions and then complete the 6-12-25 sets 3-5 times with a 120 second rest between each:

  • 6 reps of a compound exercise, with a 4 second eccentric phase and explosive concentric phase.
  • 12 reps of a slightly less taxing compound exercise, with a 3 second eccentric portion.
  • 25 reps of an isolation (works through one joint) exercise, with a 1-2 second eccentric.

With this workout we are using:

  1. Weighted Tricep Dips
  2. Diamond Press Ups
  3. Overhead Dumbbell Extensions


Tweet your feedback to @LDN_Muscle to let us know how you got on! For more Muscle Group Workouts please click here. Please see more on 6-12-25 training from Richie Brew here.


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