Tricep Overhead Rope Extension

Here is another great tricep exercise to arm yourself with when you next train (excuse the pun). People often overlook making changes as simple as reversing their grip. Making these changes is essential to varying your workout, breaking through plateaus and inevitably making progress.

Overhead extension (Reverse grip)

  • Nice and easy and gives you great DOMS.
  • Take 1x bar and attach to a high level pulley.
  • Turn yourself so your back is facing the pulley.
  •  Hold the bar with your hands with a reverse grip, and in a position that enables your elbows to be tucked in tight to your head.
  • Lean forward maintaining a flat back.
  •  Extend your hands forward, ensuring your elbows remain static. Extend to a point just before your arms are fully extended, and slowly return.

Tip: start with a light weight, get your technique perfect then up the weight. Remember that the reverse grip places a greater emphasis and stress on your wrist so take that into account when selecting a suitable weight. For those who wear wrist supports when training chest for example, this exercise is another that could benefit from such supports.

Build this into your next workout and let us know how you get on, it certainly gave me extreme DOMS!

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