Here is another exercise to add to your artillery. Tricep kickbacks give you that ‘pinch’ sensation that we so desire when training any muscle group.

When done with correct form, this exercise isolates and strongly activates the triceps. However, like any other exercise when it is done badly with poor form and even that dreaded swinging motion, this exercise will work many other muscles and the triceps less efficiently. So as always, do it properly to reap the benefits or don’t bother at all!


How to:

  • Select an appropriate weight dumbbell- go light at first to get the form correct, then you can up the weight.
  • Assume a bent over position, with a nice flat back. Raise your elbow up so that your arm is at a 90 degree angle (as per the photo).
  • Slowly, in a controlled manner, draw the dumbbell back and up towards the sky, until your arm is fully extended. Do NOT let your elbow move up or down. Imagine your elbow is fixed in its position- simply acting as a pivot to allow the arm to extend.
  • Slowly control the dumbbell back to the 90 degree starting position. Once again the elbow is acting merely as a pivot that you do not allow it to raise or drop.
  • Aim for a 1 second concentric movement, 1-2 second eccentric movement and a brief isometric hold when your arm is fully extended at the top of each repetition.






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