Reverse Grip Tricep Pull-down

The tricep exercise is quick, easy, and an effective variation on the very commonly used Tricep Pull-down. As with any muscle group or exercise, make a concerted effort to keep each and every workout varied – keep that body guessing!

By utilising a reverse grip, you can effectively target the medial head of the tricep (often neglected) and diminish the unwanted aid auxiliary muscles usually end up giving . In essence this means you can more effectively isolate the target muscle.

How To

    • Select a bar of your choice – either as pictured or a flat alternative.
    • Ensure your knuckles are facing downwards – palms up.
    • Draw the bar down until you reach a 90 degree angle, keep your elbows tucked in.
    • Explosively draw the bar to the base of the rep with your elbows remaining glued by your side.
    • In a slow and controlled manner control the bar back up to the 90 degree starting point (aiming for a 3-4 second negative).
    • No rest at the top, straight onto your second rep and so on.

Additional Information

  • I personally don’t tend to use this in a protocol which requires lifting heavy and a low rep range. Myself, and many others find it places an undue pressure on the wrist.
  • I confine this exercise normally to an 8 sets x 8 reps Gironda Style Protocol, allowing circa 20 seconds between sets.


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Enjoy Ladies and Gents!