image (19)y raise

Shrug, shrug, shrug, shrug, shrug. That’s how most peoples’ trap routine goes, so tempting to just do a few sets of shrugs and call it a day. A particular favourite of ours, to add a bit of spice into your trap workout, is the ‘Y-raise’, an exercise I have never seen done by any individual in my local gym!

The Y-Raise:

  • Lay face down on a flat and level bench,
  • Ensure that your chin is past the end of the bench,
  • Take two dumbbells (and make sure they are light: 2-4kg approximately, this exercise is NOT easy!),
  • Hold the dumbbells with a hammer, or palm-faced downwards grip,
  • Lift both dumbbells as high as you can while forming a letter Y-shape with your arms and torso. Once you have reached the peak of your repetition and formed the ‘Y’, hold this position and pinch your traps for 1-2 second before returning the dumbbells to the starting position.

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