A transformation photo can be impressive, but the physical and mental effect it often has on peoples lives is often more profound, and invaluable.

We love to hear how we have changed peoples lives, and David Cav’s story is a fine example.


David’s Inspirational Story

Which guides did you use?

I have now used both the Cutting Guide and Bulking Bible to great effect.

How has LDNM benefited your life? 

“Not only your guides but all your help & what LDNM stands for & the message you help deliver have saved my life! I genuinely believe that!”

In the past I had suffered from an eating disorder (though I have acknowledged this & sought help from LDNM in your early days). I may have blips/anxiety about food still but I have come a very long way. I used to eat as little as possible & do endless amounts of cardio. With no attention to macros, recovery, health or wellbeing. I would also punish myself severely & avoid hydration in an effort to get the number on the scales as low as possible! 

Now through your guides & amazing customer support. I now know that I can be flexible with my diet & that food is also fuel & to help recover, as well as keeping me healthy & something to enjoy too. I still have a long way to go but you’ve given me the tools to continue my progress.

Food used to be something I feared & it controlled my life. Now I don’t fear it & now I control my food & not the other way around. I will carry on taking positive steps on my journey.  

At first I was hesitant about your guides. As I had never set foot in a free weights section of a gym (or knew what one was,) let alone do any resistance training. This was a nerve racking thing for me (being an introvert & very shy & anxious). But I would read your guides before entering the gym & familiarise myself with exercises & technique. Which helped me not feel like such an amateur. 

What would you say to those considering LDNM Guides?

I would definitely recommend LDNM to anyone reading this & can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. I find myself speaking about you to so many people as you are so genuine & lovely, as well as approachable & kind.

LDNM is genuine, and there are just so many unhealthy Fad diets out there, responsible for damaging peoples health and mindset, they, prey on vulnerable people like myself. So I am glad I found you & it is so good to trust in people that now play such a crucial role in my life & have steered my away from the damage I was causing myself. Thanks again!


Want to lose body fat and get lean? Then the Cutting Guide is for YOU!



Want to add size? Then the Bulking Bible is for YOU!

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