As part of our ongoing commitment to showcasing some insightful and inspirational LDNM transformations we have another epic story to share with you thanks to @biddle_.

Just take a look at the way in which he has Shredded up on the Cutting Guide, top work!




How Did LDNM Effect you both mentally and physically?

The guide didn’t pose a mental challenge in the sense that strict strict diets do. The LDNM guides don’t restrict you from the foods you like… So it didn’t leave me craving or binging on cake. Through the use of flexible dieting in the Cutting Guide, I have now learnt that flexibility is key.

Physically I have changed greatly, I have built muscle whilst loosing fat, so I’, the leanest I have ever been and I couldn’t be happier. 


Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

I would recommend the Cutting Guide and indeed any LDNM Guide, to everyone and anyone, even beginners, as they are very easy to use and follow, and come with full explanations. They are enjoyable, sustainable and get incredible results.


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