Here at Team LDNM we love to hear and see peoples transformations. For many the transformation journey is so much more than just a physical journey. We had to share this amazing journey from Jack Cannon, who has made amazing progress, and with an incredible and insightful back story.




About Me

“My name is Jack and I am 22 (23) years old in a few weeks time. I have a condition called Albinism. For those who are unaware of what this condition is I have put together some information on how it effects me and my life.
Albinism is a medical condition that not only causes physical discomfort but can also also be a cause of social awkwardness and ridicule. The effects of this condition are evident in one’s physical appearance making me conscious, and anxious owing to the undue public attention that is so often received as a result of my appearence.

Since a early age at school I have always tried to make sure I fit in with everyone and never wanted to be treated any different but I was always well aware that I could not be treated the same.. During school I had to have a classroom assistant sitting next to me writing everything down that the teacher wrote on the whiteboard. Albinism severely reduces your visibility, so everything had to be written down in front of me just so I could read it. As I’m sure your aware most young children like to mess around during school, but I never had the chance haha.

Another effect of albinism (due to having no pigment in my skin) is that I am forced to put sun cream on nearly all year round which I’m sure you would appreciate becomes unbelievably frustrating. Due to this also affecting my vision the vast majority of the time I spend outside I’ll be in my sunglasses. As I moved on to secondary school I knew this would be an extremely difficult part of my life having to make new friends and trying to fit in around new people. I would always get funny looks in class when I used to get my magnifier out to read books, this severely limited my ability to fit in. I did manage to make a few friends some who to this day are my very best and we do everything together of which I’m extremely grateful for.

Again due to my condition with my eyesight unfortunately I’ll never be able to drive so I heavily rely on public transport or generosity from my friends to take me places.
Most young lads look forward to the weekends and going on nights out, however for me I’m open to getting abuse from people who are drunk and don’t understand my condition. I’m sure you would agree after getting stick so many times you just want to stay in and be by yourself because of people making you feel so small.

How LDNM Helped Me

This was until a few years ago when I came across a Twitter page, at this point they were just starting, this was of course LDNM. They have grown so much over the past few years and from the very start have helped me through non-stop, always offered support and advice.

I wanted to start to look after my health and take up going to the gym to try and make me more confident and I can say today that I finally am, and it’s all down to these guys. Following their Cutting Guide and Bulking Bible has worked wonders for me both in terms of my physique, but also, and almost more importantly, my confidence levels. Whenever I have been down they have been there to offer guidance to me. I really feel if it wasn’t for them and the friends I have today I would be stuck in a very dark place staying in on my own and refusing to go out and socialise with anybody.”


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A massive thanks to Jack for sharing his story, and I hope you will agree this is truly inspirational. If you have a story or transformation you would like to share, be sure to email us at [email protected]