The callus, the tell-tell sign of someone who trains. Sadly though, it can often be annoying having an excess build up of hard skin. You inevitably end up picking away at the callus to reveal a tender sore lump.

Here at Team LDNM we aren’t taken in by gimmicks, nor are we interested in spending ludicrous amounts of money on flash branded training equipment. So we thought we would share with you one of JE’s favourite pieces of training equipment, cheap and extremely useful, the ‘work glove’.

These work gloves feature a nitrile coated palm, which ensures endless amounts of grip, that far exceeds any grip I have found on even the most expensive ‘gym gloves’. They also provide a welcome barrier between your skin and the often dirty gym equipment. Finally they reduce the build-up of callus’s immeasurably. All this for £1.50, what on earth are you waiting for?

The only downside worth mentioning is breathability. They are breathable, to an extent, but you probably want to replace them on a monthly basis. But at £1.50 that simply isn’t an issue.

I normally source mine, hassle free, from Amazon, from the link below;

We hope you enjoy our little handy tip (excuse the pun).  Let us know when you have got yours!