Tracking not obsessing… Living not stressing!


Following on from a huge number of tweets we thought we would put together an article that hopefully puts the most conscientious of trainers minds at rest.

The starting premise, for us guys, is that training is something we enjoy, we do it because we want to, we do it because we want to look and feel great, and of course be healthy!

Remember calories are king (or queen) and the overriding and ideal aim is to hit your deficit or surplus, dependant on your goals over a given day… But life isn’t always straight forward, and we are humans, social, and often hungry. Your life should NOT be solely dictated by macro tracking, nor need it be.


So what to do if you have a single blow out, boozy lunch/dinner or whatever you want to call it!?

First and foremost, look at it in context. This is ONLY 1 day out of 365! One day will not make you pile on the weight or lose muscular gains! If it’s one isolated instance over a 7 day period, don’t obsess over it, or dwell on it. If you had pre-empted it and made cut backs in the day to account for it, then great, if you hadn’t, then pretty much oh well, in our view!

What if you have multiple blow-outs in any given week?

If the isolated event turns into two or more, then try and use the remaining days within that 7 day period to account for your excess. That’s not to stay starve yourself on any given day, but if you have had 1000kcal surplus on a Friday night, and a further 500kcal surplus on the Saturday, then drop kcal by 300kcal on the remaining 5 days of the week to steer yourself back on track. We would never advise dropping manifestly more than 300kcal in a day!

However, if you don’t get your surplus back, again, you need to not beat yourself up or obsess over it. Why not sit back and put it into context? Its only 1 week, 1 week out of 52, and that’s only one year out of your whole life, where you’ve no doubt spent years and years not even thinking about what you ate, let alone tracking. Get yourself thinking rationally, you started out to enjoy this journey, so lets do just that and put that week behind you and onto the next.


For many the gym is a great de-stress, the last thing that your diet and training plan should do is put you into a state of anxiety, or guilt. Don’t judge yourself against others, or Instagram accounts that claim to have stuck to their precise macros for 16 straight weeks, first of all they are probably lying anyway, and secondly who cares, get a life!

Remember that our male and female fat loss plans; the Cutting Guide & Bikini Guide utilise flexible dieting. This allows you to eat ANY food you like, so long as its factored into your daily total, reducing the need to have huge blow-outs and lessening the desire and cravings to binge.


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