Another tragic and avoidable death dominates the national news, this time 21 year old Eloise Parry the victim. The latest in a string of deaths linked to, or associated with, drugs used to shred body fat or enhance ones appearance.

We at Team LDNM have always been firm believers in health and fitness being paramount and then appearance secondary, it’s what our founding ethos is based on. Both can be compatible with one another, and it’s precisely this that we try to educate and preach day in day out.

The irony within the so called ‘fitness industry’ is that the body images that are used by nearly every single supplement company, or fitness related brand are, put simply, irresponsible and dangerous. We have recently covered the topic of photoshop in the industry, and sadly the same is true of drug use. When we, as natural, dedicated trainers see imagery of what some tactfully refer to as ‘enhanced’ models or ambassadors, we can clearly see the disparity in our physiques and theirs. This however doesn’t dishearten or depress us. Why? Because we KNOW the underlying difference between our physiques doesn’t rest in our ‘lack of dedication’ or ‘poor genes.’ Does this then make us a failure? NO. Does it give us reason to get disheartened? NO.

BUT – put yourself in the position of someone, with a more vulnerable mindset (may even be recovering from an eating disorder), someone who isn’t so informed, and isn’t fortunate enough to be armed with the same knowledge… They take one look at these idolised figure heads, realise they don’t look the same (not realising they can’t) and then can soon become depressed and fixated, in many cases looking to an extreme measure to get that step closer to the idolised image they are desperately chasing. In this latest case, the quick fix was DNP, it was in pursuit of an idolised body image, and an attempt to take a shortcut which so sadly cut Eloise’s and many others lives short.

The pressure on men and women are slightly different. But the pressure is still created in the same way, from a non-realistic glorified role- model. A role-model that may have had anything from surgical intervention, to a doctors guidance regarding drug use. The key here is that whatever it is that these guys are doing, it is done in a way which is (to some degree) regulated, someone is keeping an eye on their blood pressure, heart rate and hormones, so the risk factor isn’t anything like the person seeking a quick fix and entrusting their life in the hands of someone who wants to profit maximise from a black market trade in drugs online.

The sooner regulation is brought in to regulate the type of imagery used, and the responsibilities imposed on these multi-national corporations for their marketing and advertising strategies the better. As it stands they are openly getting away with using ambassadors who quite clearly aren’t naturally attainable and it’s leading to people taking extreme measures to try and replicate their appearance, but without the knowledge or guidance.

We would love to end this article with a list of positive, attainable and natural figureheads that we believe you can safely aspire to look like. The sad and stark reality is that between us we genuinely can’t list any. We see our Alice LDNM as a female inspiration and us guys along with Richie Brew LDNM do our best to be natural inspirations and a breath of fresh air in an industry that is fundamentally riddled with mis-selling and false promises.

All we can do is continue to create comprehensive and educational transformation guides, for real people to follow, to get real, tried, tested and proven results. A safe, sustainable and healthy approach to getting the body you desire.

If even one person reads this article, steps back, thinks, and realises that they do look great and are progressing, that they aren’t a failure and that their health is the key, then us guys couldn’t be happier.

Spread the word, spread the ethos, together we can change this industry and prevent these tragedies from happening.

Together as one… #TeamLDNM

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