Cast your eyes back to last Summer, no doubt we said to ourselves then, that we would start earlier and prepare better come next year. Equally a large amount of us probably said Winter would be the time to prepare for the Summer.

A year down the line and time has flown by, Summer 2018 is upon us, and for many this brings regrets and frustrations, disheartenment and inevitably a last minute panic sets in. Looking back on the past months constructively is one thing, however to dwell on them and think ‘what if’ is anything but.

What counts is how you move forward to realise your potential. Learning from past errors and constructively noting down areas which you could have improved on can prove valuable in structuring the months ahead. However the single worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about what could have been, and work yourself up into a mentality where you in essence just say ‘ I give up’.

Life is such that it is simply unrealistic to expect every single gym session to be followed to the letter, and that you to hit your macros gram for gram day in day out. Families, friends, relationships, social lives and work commitments make this simply impossible. This isn’t you letting yourself down, nor is it you failing yourself, it is simply you being a normal human being living a balanced lifestyle! One work social, a wedding, or meal with your wife or girlfriend that takes you over your daily totals will NOT of itself change your appearance in the mirror. The key is to work to what is realistic and achievable within YOUR life, everyone’s is different. Don’t look to an unrealistic ideology, for someone who works full-time to idolise a full time ‘fitness models’ dietary and training regime is likely to make you feel inadequate. You can look the way you want to with a full-time job (outside of fitness), one of the founding values of LDNM.

With Summer upon us, its now time to re-evaluate what YOU can realistically commit to and achieve. In creating our Cutting, Bikini and Muscle Building Bible we factored in this key element of realism and injected an element of flexibility to make the plan genuinely workable for those full-time workers such as ourselves.

Sure, there are no doubt areas where you may have slacked off a little, or could have pushed harder, we are all guilty of that. We can all strive to work to our maximum, but it should be just that, OUR maximum, and not a comparison with an unattainable lifestyle or physique.

As selfish as it may sound, concentrate on yourself, your goals and what you can realistically achieve, by all means look for motivation outside of yourself but don’t let yourself fall into getting disheartened when ultimately we are all only human. Lets face it being fit and healthy should be the starting point and aesthetics follow from that…

Take a few moments after reading this to make a note of any areas you can realistically improve on without compromising your social life, family, job and quality of life. Having done so, its time move forwards, and this does NOT mean jumping at the first gimmick you see advertised for weight loss, or jumping on an extreme diet! As with all our guides, move forwards in a healthy, sustainable and maintainable way, a way that allows you to change your lifestyle and not find yourself in a place of negativity again.

Choose from our Male and Female Transformation Guides – featuring a fully comprehensive diet and training plan specific to your lifestyle, experience level, body weight and body type:


Male Fat Loss Plan – The Cutting Guide


Female Fat Loss Plan – The Bikini Guide 



Pick yourself up, get motivated and ready for an epic few weeks of commitment to your diet, training and ultimately achieving the realistic goals and physique you are striving for.

As ever be sure to Tweet us and let us know how you are getting on and finding the workouts, and of course your transformation photos.



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