Let’s face it the search for a six pack and a ripped set of abs features highly on most peoples to do list. We all know our abs are there somewhere, but they have an annoying habit of hiding (under body fat). For those of us who train regularly, we will be engaging our abs regularly, and underneath our body fat there lays a set of abs. However the search to make them visible often leaves many people frustrated, despondent and burying their heads in an article entitled ‘6 pack in 6 weeks’.

If only it was as easy as following a guide for 6 weeks and finding yourself at the end of that period shredded and with a perfect looking six pack. The brutal reality is that simply is not going to happen, abs require a serious amount of will power and determination.

An all too common sight in many gyms is people relentlessly doing sit ups, crunches and all manner of ab exercises. Nothing wrong with that after all it will help the formation of your abdominal muscles, but is that really an effective way of going about it? What this fails to do is address the visibility aspect which requires a serious amount of work outside the 4 walls of the gym. Your abs need a meticulous diet, a diet (often low in carbs, high in protein, with the suitable calorie and fat intake to accompany it.)

By all means continue training your abs, but DON’T overlook the need to reduce your body fat before the visibility aspect improves. Relentless crunches are not a productive fat burning exercise. Look into LISS training and HIIT training as good fat burning alternatives, and combine this with a carefully planned diet, and begin to reveal what is so often our hidden assets.

Remember so called ‘fat burners’ are a mere gimmick. We utilise Whey Protein and Instant Oats as supplements that allow us to hit our required calorie intake conveniently.

Think of it as a dynamic process, requiring fat loss training in the gym, with fat loss from a dietary perspective, supplement that with your ab training, and start to transform you abdominal area. Remember LDNM offer both a Cutting Guide and Bikini Guide – both featuring fully comprehensive diet and training plans specifically designed to shred that stubborn body fat.