Juice Diets
For those of you that don’t know, the Juice Diet or ‘Juicing’ consists of drinking all, or the majority of your food, in the form of juiced fruit (and blended leafy vegetable) smoothies- or at least that is what we can decipher! It has been heralded as the new healthy way to drop fat fast, and been pushed by various reality TV starlets.

But, is it healthy- or just another money making fad that sponsors current celebrities and ‘instafamous’ people with a large following?


Juicing is undoubtedly a good way to get important micronutrients in to your system easily- especially if you dislike or rarely consume certain fruit and veg. You can also mask the taste of certain fruit and vegetables you dislike with sweeter fruit like berries, and consume vegetables like Swiss chard, spinach and courgette that are relatively tasteless in a smoothie compared to when eaten raw or cooked. However, we would not recommend the Juice Diet as a sustainable eating plan, or a smart method to lose fat and keep it off.

‘Stars’ such as TOWIE’s Gemma Collins have raved about how it has helped her “lose 3 stone in 28 days” with limited exercise. This is alarmingly rapid weight loss, and equivalent to an average British woman losing over a quarter (nearly a third!) of her body weight in a month.


Reasons not to Juice:

  • Juicing removes some of the fibre from the fruit; reducing the satiety (feeling full), gastrointestinal and blood glucose regulation you would usually receive from fibrous fruit. Opt for blending to avoid this somewhat.
  • It actually unbalances your diet- extremely minimal fats and minimal protein with a poor amino acid profile. A lack of wholesome foods like wholegrains, lean protein, ‘healthy fats’- rather a “strictly liquid only diet”- is also clearly evident with juicing.
  • Juiced fruit has almost double the amount of sugar the equivalent sized portion of non-pulverised fruit has, and is far less filling.
  • Juicing will likely slash your calories eaten per day massively, which if adhered to in the long term, may slow your metabolic rate. This means you could pack on at least as much weight as you lost as soon as you return to normal eating.
  • Juicing forces you to abstain from foods and drinks you like- promoting massive binges or cheats on processed foods often high in salt, sugar and trans-fats.
  • Juice diets are not usually recommended in the long term, highlighting the short term, unsustainable nature of this diet.


We recommend eating a balanced diet, which should include whole fruit and vegetables, and even the occasional fruit (and protein) smoothie! A calorie controlled diet based on whole foods that are nutrient dense with a little of what you enjoy every day (even crisps and chocolate!) is the most sustainable way to drop fat (not weight) and keep it off! This is even more successful when combined with resistance training and interval based cardio 3-5 times per week as seen in our Transformation Guides, which may allow a beginner to develop lean muscle mass whilst leaning down if adhered to consistently.


LDNM Verdict:

Don’t bother with Juice or similar shake-based diets. These are usually expensive, non-satisfying and only work in the short term in our opinion. They are 3 quick steps forwards and about 5 slow steps back in our view- not healthy, advisable or sustainable compared to a healthy, balanced diet and exercise!

Especially, do not consider the exceedingly expensive 7-14 day juicing holiday experiences! We feel they are very overpriced, and you are essentially paying to rapidly drop weight in order to put it back on and more in the long run. Celebrities with masses of cash can afford to do this, but it would be a very unwise financial move (or ‘investment in your health) for the average person like you or I!

Smart and sustainable progress wins the race in regards to changing your natural body composition, but rapid, unsustainable, fashionable progress will always be pushed by celebrities (and companies) with a short (media) lifespan; teatoxes, the aloe vera diet, no carbs before marbs, 5:2 and so on.


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