Once you get into working out and start reading around supplements, you will find 2 rather staple items are ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium mineral blend to promote deeper sleep and facilitate protein synthesis) and Casein protein (a slow digesting protein) – both designed to aid recovery and growth when you sleep. But read into it a little more and you will find calcium affects both Zinc and Magnesium absorption!

So how do we get around this?

First of all I have to busy an industry myth. Taking casein protein by itself before bed isn’t actually a good idea – casein is so slow digesting that the liberation of amino acids (digestion) means that you never reach the maximum rate of protein synthesis. A better idea is to have a shake of whey and casein in a 50:50 mix, or slightly more whey – this will provide better protein synthesis.

But this still means that the casein will affect the absorption?

Yes, unfortunately you cannot avoid this entirely. So the best compromise we have found is:

  • Take ZMA 45 minutes before bed, on an empty stomach
  • Drink your whey/casein shake immediately before bed (brush your teeth after drinking it though, unless you want to wake up with even worse breath!)