Tabata workouts can be done almost anywhere; from home, at the gym, at the pub, on a plane both with and without equipment. Here we show you two Tabata Workouts completed at a proper intensity, with Max Bridger on the verge of being sick after two rounds, and quite clearly soaked through with sweat!

How to perform Tabata:

Choose 1-4 exercises;

20 seconds of exercise (at a maximal intensity)

10 seconds rest

8 sets

4 minutes in total


Box Tabata:

Toe taps

Mountain climbers

Step ups

Box burpees


Bicycle Tabata:

8 sets in a moderate gearing at full intensity


When, How Often & Why?

You can use this after or separate to your weights session.

We would suggest using Tabata 2-4 times per week, but always maintaining 1 true HIIT session. You can do 2 rounds as Max did here, but try to rest for at least 2 minutes between efforts.

This is a handy option to tag on the end of your workout, especially if time is limiting. The afterburn of calories isn’t too dissimilar to HIIT, and far more than lower intensity cardio in general – making Tabata a good, time-convenient option for those looking to drop fat.



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