Here at Team LDNM we have experimented with lots of supplements over the years (always 100% legal and never pro-hormones). Unsurprisingly, we have frequently wasted our money along the way, but have also made worthwhile purchases too!

Having noticed the amount of gimmicky and overpriced low-quality products surge in prominence, we decided to create our very own, high quality and affordable supplement range for the masses.

We know that Supplements can be an absolute minefield, so we have simplified it for you below; breaking down key supplements into categories, and listing only what we see as effective and worthwhile supplements to integrate into your diet successfully.

Remember, whilst supplements are not mandatory to use follow our transformation guides, a full supplement guide, exclusive discounts, and how to incorporate them into your diet and training are detailed in our Cutting and Bikini Guides, and Bulking Bible!

Protein Powders

Whey Protein:

We view whey protein as a convenience tool; being a quick and easy protein source that doesn’t require preparation, refrigeration or a knife and fork. What we don’t see it as is a miracle supplement, and the brightly coloured tubs and monstrous models aren’t fooling us (anymore)!

We find it insulting that certain companies charge as much as £90/100 for a 2kg tub of whey protein. We never would advise spending more than £45, and even then that’s pushing it. Expensive and niche brand whey protein will NOT change your physique over and above another good quality and value whey!

Whey Isolate:

This has more protein per serving, and less carbs/lactose, as it has undergone a more stringent filtration process than regular whey concentrate. It is more expensive due to this process, and we do not feel the slightly enhanced macros will change your physique vs concentrate.

Although we do not use whey isolate ourselves, we stock it for those of you who are sensitive to lactose, but want to use a whey protein shake frequently in their diet plan!

We have created our own, high quality whey concentrate, and whey isolate, both of which are deliciously tasty and very fairly priced!


A different form of protein to whey, and commonly associated by many as a ‘pre-bed’ shake. Casein is more gradually digested than whey, and so for many provides a more sustained-release protein source.

Casein also has a different and thicker texture which makes it particularly good when cooking with or making Protein Treats from our recipe packs.

Casein is a great addition to your supplement line-up and for us works very well in meal replacement shakes, or where we would rather a slower more sustained release.


Our vegan protein powder is a quick and convenient way to bolster protein macros for vegans, using the highest quality Pea Protein.

Mass Gainers:

Mass Gainers don’t simply add mass to your physique. Rather they typically have a higher carb and fat content (and therefore calorie) content than whey protein. This is a useful tool for those who struggle to hit their calories from food alone, and need a boost/convenience tool.

Again, there is no need to spend a fortune on fancy mass gainers due to the spectacular packaging and monstrous muscle model sponsored by the company. In fact, we have found that adding instant oats to whey protein  (alongside other ingredients of choice) is a great way of making your own without meal replacement or higher calorie shake without spending a fortune.

Sports Nutrition


As with all supplements there are many marketing ploys with creatine. A regular creatine monohydrate or ‘creapure’ is very effective. In fact ‘creapure’ is all made in the same factory and simply rebranded for different suppliers, so don’t pay more!

We recommend LDNM Creapure and would suggest you do not opt for anything but creatine monohydrate when buying creatine.


iBCAA’s are an instantaneous, dissolvable version of BCAA’s enabling you to drink it throughout (intra) your workout. This is far more suitable and hygienic than popping pills during your workout, and isn’t needed after training, or before training (unless training fasted).

Try our Tasty Cola or Pink Lemonade flavoured BCAA’s or choose unflavoured if it’s more to your preference.

Pre-Workout Supplements

We know what it’s like after a long day at work when you’re feeling shattered, and our Pre-Workout formula has become our saviour!

Pre Workout:

Containing a blend of only effective ingredients, not just a small and lethal cocktail of stimulants, our 4-8 scoop allows you to moderate the dosage dependent on your caffeine tolerance and how tired you are feeling. It also prevents the horrid comedown associated with other pre workouts.

Caffeine Tablets:

Caffeine tablets are an easy way to maintain or give the feeling of boosted energy levels, and help bolster focus and performance.

These can be used pre workout, or during the day, but do not exceed the dosage suggested on the tub.

Protein Foods

Protein Mug Cake:

This is a delicious, low fat and low carb protein source, which to top it off, becomes a cake after 30 seconds in the microwave! It comes in chocolate, blueberry cheesecake and raspberry ripple flavours – each are tried, tested and ruddy delicious.

Top this with peanut butter, and it makes a great snack or part of a pre bed meal.

Protein Mousse:

This is an absolute saviour when it comes to killing off unwanted cravings. Low calorie, and high in protein, this protein mousse satisfies hunger and is ideal for those who would otherwise crave high sugar sweet foods.

It also is a welcome break from drinking to up your protein intake, as this is an edible mousse and tastes absolutely delicious, what’s more we have both Chocolate & Butterscotch flavours.

Protein Pancake Mix:

Another easy peasy, delicious, high protein snack. Just like with the Mug Cake, you simply add water, and then this time you pop it a frying pan for 1-2 minutes.

At over 29g per serving, these can form part of a more indulgent final meal – topping these bad boys with nut butter, chocolate and so forth. Of course they can also be a standalone meal.


Low-GI Carbohydrates:

Instant Oats:

Our LDNM Oats are a great, quick and convenient way to get your carbohydrates up or in! Easily mixed in with whey protein the can form a handy meal replacement shake for times when a meal simply isn’t convenient.

High GI Carbohydrates:


An extremely available energy source, dextrose is ideal to have during your workout and endurance work. It can also be used before training for an added boost, and at any point with shakes to increase the calorie content.

Health & Well-Being

Multi Vitamin:

A quick, cost-effective way of hitting the key and critical recommended daily allowance of the vital vitamins required by the body, with specific profiles for each gender.

Male Specific

Female Specific

Omega 3:

A good supplement to utilise, said to have multiple effects, not least anti-inflammatory properties.


ZMA is premium quality zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 formula designed to promote muscular growth and recovery. We have also found ZMA can improve the quality and depth of our sleep, enabling you to wake feeling refreshed.

Super Greens:

We use these in meals where the nutrient and mineral content is lower, and in meal replacement shakes.

These are ideal for those of us who struggle to hit 5 portions of vegetables per day, and just as a handy tool for days where our diet has been less balanced/traditionally healthy.

Vitamin D3:

With more and more studies supporting the supplementation of vitamin D in our diets, we use this every day without fail. It is more important in the winter months, and for those of us who work inside, and contributes to healthy skin. Bones, immune systems and is thought to help reduce some incidence rates of diseases.