MB jump

Take a metabolic circuit as interval training mixed with resistance training.

That means you get the fat-burning and heart-busting benefits of intense cardio along with the muscle-building properties of a weight workout.

This type of training is popular with coaches looking to condition their athletes within the NFL, Rugby, football and Aussie Rules leagues.

The Super Saiyan Metabolic Workout: rules and the circuit

  • Complete 6-10 repetitions of each exercise,
  • In the displayed circuit order,
  • with NO REST between exercises,
  • NO REST between sets,

 1.)    Deadlift 70kg (or body weight)

2.)    Plyometric Push up

3.)    Wide squat stance frog leap

4.)    Wide grip pull up

5.)    Burpee jump turns (complete a burpee, and conduct a 180 degrees jump-turn between reps)

6.)    Hanging leg raises

NB: Aim to complete 10 repetitions, but beginners can start with 6 repetitions and easier versions of the named exercises if needs be.

Beginner’s Version:

  • Same rules as the Super Saiyan method

 1.)    Deadlift, curl, press (with dumbbells)

2.)    Push up

3.)    Squat jumps

4.)    Bent over dumbbell rows (with dumbbells)

5.)    Burpee jump turns (complete a burpee, and conduct a 180 degrees jump-turn between reps)

6.)    Laying leg raises

I have named this the ‘Super Saiyan Metabolic Circuit’, as you’ll start to take your athletic performance to new levels when completing these style circuits at part of your training- looking like a super-being to the people left in your wake.

Feel free to change the workout; e.g. for a Rugby 7s training sessions: change the weighted exercises to sprints, or agility drills! With the circuit length being 7 minutes, with a 60 second half time, and another 7 minute effort afterward.

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Let us know how you get on or how you changed the circuit @LDN_Muscle on twitter.