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Student living isn’t always cheap, especially if you’re a big eater! And if you’re a bit of a social butterfly things can get expensive too, with commitments and birthdays- especially 21sts- seeming to repeatedly kick your bank balance when it is already down! Not to mention train fares being outrageously expensive when travelling to home or visiting friends at other universities.

I’m in my third year at the University of Birmingham and have managed to maintain linear progression in spite of monetary restraints, so here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the last couple of years to help you do the same.


No matter what supplement companies and sponsored trainers like to tell you, you do not need the majority of the supplements on the market in order to build muscle and attain your fitness goals. Many still require more independent and well-developed studies into their effectiveness. When on a more restricted budget these would be the supplements I would go for:

If you would like more advice on money-saving supplement shopping give this article by @LB_LDNM a read. 

With supplements you can sometimes get good deals on multi-buy products, here you can stock up and take a lump sum hit, or order with a friend; splitting the postage and lowering the product cost. Also if ordering with more than 4-5 people at a time (your house mates or sports team for example), phoning supplement websites and asking for trade price, or negotiating deals is well worth a try!


Food Shopping:

I spend the vast majority of my money on food; the Tesco Express in Selly Oak is probably kept afloat by me and my housemates. However, I would steer clear of these express and local shops when doing anything but emergency shops, as they’re usually very expensive and limited in ranges and sizes of products. ALDI and LIDL are usually very well priced in comparison to similarly sized Tesco and Sainsburys outlets. However, this isn’t to say that all supermarkets don’t do good meat and fish deals occasionally, so when they do BULK BUY and FREEZE!

An unfortunate fact is that fruit and vegetables are very expensive in comparison to crappy food options- and very rarely on offer. Therefore the cheaper and bulky frozen mixed vegetable and berries options are a very easy and good products. Also local markets offer much cheaper fresh vegetables and fruits, but these do tend to go off faster than supermarket produce.

Markets often have great meat and fish deals too in addition to fresh fruit and veg, so some investigation into your local town/city market and or Butchers will be worthwhile.


Food Shopping Online:

Websites like Musclefoods offer great bulk deals on meat and fish, nuts and grains/oats, etc., sending emails of deal updates and new products once you have ordered (and opted-in) that are straight to the point and not time-wasting. These deals are often cheaper the more you buy, so again ordering with a friend(s) or your university house-mates and splitting the produce and cost is a good idea.

Also my favourite go to carbohydrate source when in a rush- Instant Oats from MYProtein are a great money and time saving option.

Again check out our exclusive LDNM Discounts at BOTH Musclefoods AND MyProtein.


Off-Peak Gym Memberships:

These may seem unattractive to most, but many timetables will allow training at the less popular hours of the day- i.e. if you do Ancient History and have 1-3 contact hours a week- lazy gits! Also once you’re in a sustainable routine, training in a quieter gym for less money than those training at peak times- often infuriatingly busy at university gyms- seems like a good option!


Voucher Cloud, NUS Codes, Unidays, Etc:

When buying clothes, supplements and such for yourself, friends and around Christmas time any money saved is a big win. Although you may have to withstand a barrage of nonsense emails, sometimes these are applicable to yourself and are even for supplement and food websites occasionally.


I hope you found this article helpful and took away the main points:

  • Bulk buy and freeze where possible,
  • Capitalise on deals,
  • Split the cost (and postage) on online orders with friends and family,
  • Apply to money-saving, and or voucher websites non-specific, and specifically for students.


As always tweet your feedback to @LDN_Muscle.