One of the more demanding bodyweight exercises to master is the wide-grip pull up.


You will regularly see frightening variations/attempts to perform this exercise with people hurling themselves up like a madman, or swinging uncontrollably. In both instances there is no eccentric phase whatsoever.

Conscious of the fact that lat pull-down becomes very tedious and diminishes the extent to which your core is engaged, I thought it best to offer some simple and helpful advice to those wanting to improve on this area- without compromising on form!

Focus On The Eccentric Phase (Negative Reps)

‘What goes up must come down’… precisely, but the manner in which you come down is what we are focusing on here.

Take a free bench (flat position) and place it below your chin up station.

Stand on the bench with your palms facing away from you, grip the curvature of the bar so that your thumbs are a couple of inches wider than your shoulders.

Get yourself into the top position of a chin up (this may require a small jump from the bench).

Grip firmly and in a slow and controlled manner lower yourself for a minimum of 4-6 seconds until you reach the very base of the repetition (arms fully extended). This is 1x repetition.  Place yourself standing back on the bench and repeat- no longer than 5-10 seconds rest between reps.

Over the weeks aim to build up the number of reps you can perform. Once you have reached a nice controlled 6-8 rep eccentric ability, its time to try a full repetition again- so both eccentric and concentric!

Best of luck guys and girls and remember there is nothing negative about a negative rep!

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