For many of us, those all-important gains can come with an unwelcome side-show – stretchmarks. They’re perfectly normal & won’t do you any harm – so no need to worry, but they can be a tad unsightly &  slightly aggravating.

Why do they happen?

Rapid weight gain, rapid growth (during adolescence for example) or rapid GAINS can all bring them on. Some of us boys have experienced them, and while fairly insignificant, they’re annoying. Without boring anyone too much, essentially they’re just caused by a lack of elasticity in the skin – often brought on by preventable deficiencies/behaviour.

What can be done about them?

Best thing you can do is prevent them, as once they start, they can often grow. If they’re there already though, you can help minimise their appearance & prevent development.

Prevention :

Skin elasticity is the key factor here – keep hydrated, keep your vitamins up (a good multivit will help this) & moisturising all will play a part in helping preventing the little rascals appearing in the first place.

Minimising their appearance & development:

If it’s too late, & for most, they’ll pop up before you even think about doing anything on the topic; the above tips regarding hydration, vitamins & moisturising all still apply. This will help make sure they’re kept at bay. However, for helping minimise their appearance, we find Bio Oil is a good shout.  From personal experience, & those of others we’ve spoken to – the stuff seems to help. It’s not dirt cheap, but does last a while & can help matters. Certainly worth a go if stretchmarks are bothering you. We tend to buy it online, as it’s easiest to find the best price, and it’s easier if you’re busy/lazy. You can check it out here;



In summary – it’s just best to keep them away in the first place, a few simple things can help stop them in their tracks, before they become an unwelcome guest. And if you’ve got stretchmarks  – don’t panic, all is not lost & help is at hand.