Lateral raises are a great exercise for shoulders- but that relies on them being done correctly. Sadly we see most people inadvertently having a swinging contest whilst searching in vain for an increase in shoulder size. Like any exercise the benefit is derived from the isolation.

One way of weaning yourself off the swing is to perform a lying down lateral raise- which prohibits any form of swinging.

Lying Lateral Raise:

  • Take 1x bench
  • Lie sideways on the bench. Place redundant arm underneath bench for support.
  • With a straight arm take a light dumbbell and place on your thigh.
  • With a neutral grip move the dumbbell through 90 degrees until your arm is facing vertically upwards.
  • Control the dumbbell on the return phase until you reach the starting position. Ensure you don’t rest you arm on your thigh between repetitions- keep the tension and intensity up!
  • Repeat for the opposite arm again using the redundant arm to support yourself.




Now is the time to change your habits from swinging to isolating- you will be rewarded with a nice set of DOMS.

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