Cravings come from a lot of sources, but the main few that push you towards the vending machine at work are boredom (with both your job and your diet) and being or simply feeling hungry. The aforementioned are simple causes, but a nightmare to silence at around 11am or when the beautifully packed vending machine catches your eye mid-afternoon! Below we are going to detail some of our best tactics to battle cravings at work.


So, here are our 5 top tactics to kill cravings at work:

  • Increase your water intake; with a good target being 2.5 – 3.5 litres per day in general. Towards the lower end for smaller, less active individuals, and towards the upper end for more active, larger persons. This helps you stay full, feeling fresh and alert throughout the day.
  • Add a little bit of what you like to your diet every day! Yes that’s right, you can add chocolate, crisps or food containing sugar to your diet daily, as long as the majority of your diet is healthy, balanced and calorie-controlled. This will prevent cravings for you vice foods you tend to either avoid or binge on periodically.
  • Have a late breakfast. For years we have been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this notion (as well as many of the breakfast company backed studies) have been challenged recently. Take something filling and healthy, like LDNM Overnight Oats, to work with you and eat when you are actually hungry, which is often mid-morning for most people.
  • Prep a lunch, or scout out some of your favourite eateries! Having a lunch to look forwards to – such as a prepped meal you enjoy, or a lunch date for two (or one) at a café, shop or restaurant you like – can help us maintain willpower and avoid snacking. It also allows more flexibility and consistency in our daily diet.
  • Don’t eat only ‘clean foods’ if you do not want to. Banning foods because a fitness blogger or celebrity has deemed them unhealthy, and demonising certain food groups (such as carbohydrates), is a sure fire way to fall off the fitness wagon, say goodbye to your resolutions and stall progress. Having a flexible diet, including food you enjoy within a mainly healthy lifestyle, is ideal to progress long term and avoid succumbing to cravings at work!


Cravings can genuinely be from hunger, so bulking meals with high volume (to calorie) carbs, as well as adding more vegetables to your diet, is a good move. Also, opting for a plan or guide that isn’t restrictive on calories and doesn’t enforce a rigid meal plan, is a surefire way to increase your dietary success and long term progress.


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