Here is a little number I threw together the other day when I had a spare moment, tasted nice and nutritionally very positive indeed.

I’ll keep it nice and simple.

What is included?

  • Take 1x onion and slice it into fine pieces
  • Add 1x teaspoon of olive oil (optional for those who are monitoring macros very closely)
  • 225grams of quinoa
  • Slice 5-6 cherry tomatoes.
  • Slice up 1x chilli (I chose red- but personal preference on strength)
  • Add a few drops of tabasco.
  • Throw your can of tuna in

Voila, stir it all together and there you have it a spicy tuna quinoa  salad. Rich in protein, fibre and amino acids, and hopefully something slightly different to get you through those dull periods in your diet.

Give it a go and see how you get on, for those of you who fancy dessert why not try our LDNM Protein Treat Pack?