altura-vortex-25-backpackOne of the single most annoying and frustrating issues I face on my daily commute to both work and the gym occurs when it rains. Cycling is fine in the rain, I don’t mind getting wet, but what I can’t stand is when my clothes for work and the gym get soaked, damp and inevitably begin to stink!

For years I opted for a basic approach, using a black bin liner inside my usual bag as my improvisation to keep my kit dry. Needless to say this was less than satisfactory!

It was only recently that I discovered the revolution that is a waterproof rucksack! Genuinely cant believe how long i’ve endured soggy clothing for. After relentless searching and reading I opted for the ‘Altura Vortex

Plenty of storage space, plenty of support straps and waterproof along with a secured/zip valuables pocket.

I got mine from Hargroves Cycles, where I get a lot of my bike kit from, click here.

This really is a MUST for those who cycle/drive motorbikes through the winter.

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