The ideal snack is high volume, low calorie and delicious! However, such a wonderful bite to eat is pretty hard to come by, so we are going to list a few simple, healthy and easy to prepare (or purchase) foods that you can have as snacks for work.

Whilst we would recommend against grazing throughout the day, and rather opting for 3-4 meals, some snacking is perfectly fine – and far better than succumbing to chocolates and biscuits!


Check out 5 great desk snacks below:

  • Popcorn! There are lots of popcorn brands out there, and generally they are all okay excluding the toffee and sugar coated options. The lightly salted or sweetened versions are both perfectly fine to have in a balanced diet, and very high volume – meaning a lot of food for less calories!
  • Low fat humous and vegetable sticks! The vegetables are higher in fibre, water and vitamins and minerals than most other snacks, and almost definitely lower in calories. The lower fat humous simply reduces your caloric intake – meaning you can have a larger serving for the same caloric intake, or the same size serving and consume less calories!
  • Berries; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are all great desk snacks. They are nutrient-dense, high volume, hydrating and higher fibre than many other snacks. You can also combine these with small pots of 0% fat Greek yoghurt for an added protein hit, and low fat snack!
  • Beef jerky and biltong packets – whilst this can be an acquired taste, the dried meat is pre-seasoned, filling, high in protein and minimal in carbs. The packs also take a while to eat given the meat is a touch tougher, making it ideal to eat over a longer period than a normal snack with a big glass of water.
  • Rice cakes (and no don’t worry – not the plain options!). The flavoured packs, and even the options with a small chocolate topping, are fantastic desk snacks; high volume, varied in flavour and easy to transport or pick up at the shop. The individual packets are worse value, but better for those who cannot stop themselves plowing through a whole stack, whereas the bulk packs are great to leave in your desk if you can resist them!


You may wonder why we have left out options such as nuts, nut butter and granola/yoghurt pots – we have done this because they are very calorie dense, and extremely easy to overeat. Higher volume (to calorie foods) are a more suitable option for lots of people, and do not have to be uber-healthy, clean foods; especially if they are part of a bamanced diet based on traditionally healthy food choices.



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