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Snack Attack… We know the feeling!

We know the feeling when you suddenly get an immense urge to eat… this is the most dangerous time for many of us.

We are often asked what are quick, easy and filling snacks that don’t fly in the face of your diet.

Cottage cheese, black pepper and Tabasco chipotle on celery is about as simple and easy as it gets.

Prior to consuming, aim to drink a large glass of water (1pint)



Cottage Cheese (200g)

Protein 20g

Carbs <10g

Fat <3g

Calories 130kcal

Celery per 100g (2.5 x Typical Sticks)

Protein 0.5g

Carbs <1g

Fat 0.2g

Calories 10kcal


Post consumption, again another half, to full glass of water. We generally find this assists in satisfying/suppressing hunger urges further.

For those with a sweeter tooth when it comes to snacks, don’t forget to check out our LDNM Protein Treat Pack, featuring delicious and easy to make recipes right here.

Enjoy ladies and gents!