There is no escaping the tendency to slip into the same routine, especially if you are training at the same gym, with the same equipment, day in day out.

However there becomes a point at which it is time to look around yourself and make use of the existing machinery and apparatus in a new way, in an attempt to add constructive variety to your training. All it takes is a minute or two and a little bit of imagination.

Here is a great variation we conjured up a few weeks back. In essence, all it involves is tying a resistance band to each end of the Olympic Bar whist doing a regular Bench Press. This means that the lift becomes progressively harder as you lift the weight from your chest to the starting position.  It also means that there is more pressure being exerted on your body to control and stabilise the bar as it has additional tension each side.

It may look like a small variation, and in fact you are right, it is! However it is precisely this that gives you the ability to progress and make those all important gains.

Our LDNM training guides and packs pride themselves on being varied.

This exercise is just an example of the kind of exercise we use in our renowned and brutal Chestacular Chest Pack.