Single Arm Olympic Bar Row


As ever the temptation upon stepping foot in the gym is to sink back into your comfort zone, follow the routine you always follow and often in an identical order.

We at TeamLDNM make a conscious effort to try to diversify each and every workout, and where possible always add in new exercises or variations of existing ones.

An often under-performed variation of the conventional T-Bar row, is the single arm olympic bar row.

Single arm barbell row 1

Single arm barbell row 2



  • Take an olympic bar and affix to a floor mount, or ensure the bar is secured at the base end
  • Load the appropriate amount of weight
  • Adopt a posture similar to a bent-over row, we find standing slightly more upright is preferable
  • Row the bar up and backwards, engaging your back for the movement, do not lead the movement solely using your bicep
  • Aim for an explosive concentric phase and 3 second eccentric returning phase
  • Keep your neck neutral throughout and back flat
  • Due to the nature of the exercise this is NOT an exercise we go heavy on. Usually we utilise this for 3-4 sets 8-12 reps (each side).

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