Each and every transformation is unique, but one things for sure, they are all an incredible combination of determination and dedication.

When Danny sent us his Cutting Guide transformation, and testimonial, we had to share it with you, we are blown away by his physical progression, but also the change to his quality of life and lifestyle.



How has LDNM affected you both physically and mentally?

“Before I started the Cutting Guide I smoked and lived on takeaways and did love a beer or 2 most nights. It was when my eldest son got into football, that I really had a wake up call.  I could hardly play as I was so out of breath, this really hit home, and I knew it was time to change my life style. 
After spending days on internet looking for the best diets and exercises LDNM kept coming up and after reading the reviews and watching a few videos it was nothing but positive. 
I joined the gym and having the guide to follow I had a bit of confidence going in there as it was easy to follow so made me look like I knew what I was doing, and gave me the clear structure I both wanted and needed. 

I have now lost a total of 4 stone using the guide, and I have never felt better. Not only do I now
feel more confident in myself, but my fitness has now also improved so much, and I can now enjoy playing football with my son until he has had enough. 
I’ve completely transformed my lifestyle; stopped smoking and hardly drink now only on special occasions (although the guide doesn’t ban alcohol). I feel great and never been so healthy thanks to  the guide and its incredible nutrition plan”.  

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“I highly recommend the guides to anyone as they are easy to follow, and it doesn’t matter what your background in fitness is. If you ever have any problems or questions the LDNM team are quick to respond to help out with their unrivalled support. I also highly recommend using their products also and love their supplements and clothing too”.