Shake diets and shake-based meal plans are something we would not advise, period. Protein and green shakes can of course form part of your everyday diet, but they should absolutely not form the bulk of it, rather supplement it.


If you are aiming to lose weight, and you can stick to the given shake diet, you will likely do just that, and fast! But, as soon as you return to normal eating patterns you’ll likely regain at least the weight you lost by switching food for shakes – the harsh truth that is missing from the tacky advertising materials.


Shake diets work by reducing your calories, and sometimes suggesting a ‘detox’ from lots of different food groups alongside the shakes – further reducing your calorie intake. So, what has reduced the calories is not the slimming shake or exotically named thermogenic blend, but the fact you will have slashed your calories and created a calorie deficit. Pair this with exercise – likely to happen during a health drive – and the pounds will be falling off; from fat, muscle and water.


What would we suggest?


Step 1:

Return your shake diet and get your money back. If you cannot return it, include it within your diet to increase protein intake, but not form the main part of your nutrition. Do not listen to the company’s nutritional or detox information, or its workout routine. Most have an agenda to get you to consume as little and burn as many calories as possible, so your calorie deficit and weight lost is as big as possible. This facilitates more impressive results to sell more products and create a more brainwashed following.


Step 2:

If you are looking to get lean and defined long term then you must create a sustainable and enjoyable fitness regime. This means building a diet you can see yourself following long term, and an exercise routine you can maintain and intensify easily:

  • 3-5 weights/resistance workouts per week
  • 1-3 cardio sessions
  • Sports/hobbies you enjoy as part of the two points above (or additions)
  • Flexible nutrition based on calories, which allows you to include foods you like daily


Essentially, a fitness regime that doesn’t prevent you leading a normal lifestyle, but actually adds to your physical and mental wellbeing is the goal. Lots of articles on our blog; detailing training, nutrition, lifestyle and more can help you here, and our below guides create a clear and educative plan for you to follow (and come with our full support when needed too):

Male fat loss

Female fat loss and lean definition

Muscle and strength gain



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