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Try this monster of a shoulder workout finisher, which pays special attention to the front and medial deltoids – so perfect to chuck on the end of a push session!


The Workout:

  • 5 rounds;
  • 1 barbell (can use dumbbells instead)
  • 10 reps per exercise
  • No rest between exercises
  • 60 seconds rest between rounds
  • 10-12 minutes in total!


The Exercise Order:

  1. Front Raises
  2. Upright Rows
  3. Overhead Press


James is currently running our Cutting Guide, in order to be lean and shredded for the summer months! Read more about it here.


Hitting each muscle group more than once per week is far more effective than a traditional bodybuilder style split where you hit a single muscle group with too much volume only once per week. Read more about this here.


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