Whether you’re an international athlete or casual gym goer, there’s one body part that once injured will ruin your training for months: The shoulder.

It is often not the major muscles of the shoulder that become injured, but the smaller, stabilising muscles. The main shoulder stabilisers are the weight lifter’s injury nightmare – the rotator cuff. The causes for injury are usually either sudden trauma in a direct blow or repetitive movements (especially upper body training with bad form).

Include this warm- up at the start of your workout to properly prepare the rotator cuff muscles.

  • Resistance band work (A.C joint/Rotator Cuff warm up). Repeat 2 Sets of each exercise ensuring you perform it both slowly and controlled- aim for a minimum of 10 reps each time.
  • Press-ups starting on your knees and build into full press-ups. 10reps on knees+10 full.

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