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After a large number of inquiries #TeamLDNM have decided to officially offer personal training. Our in house Personal Trainers @MB_LDNM and @JE_LDNM- who are responsible for many of the workouts, that you love to hate within the LDNM Guides, will be heading up the training.

MB and JE are fully qualified (level 3 certified) and have over 4 years of personal training experience, with over 20 years of cumulative resistance training between them. Having worked with teenagers, through to 70 year olds, male and female, of all shapes and sizes with differing goals, LDNM personal training will help your further yourself, your progress, and improve how you look and feel in a safe and comfortable environment.


What to Expect from LDNM Personal Training:

  • Email contact prior to session one; in order to plan ahead and not waste any time in sessions clarifying points that could have been established earlier.
  • 30-minute free consultation immediately before session 1; in order to refresh your goals already established by email and prioritise aims and targets. 
  • Evaluation of your technique; range of motion, plane of motion, tempo, body position, symmetry and more will all be conclusively covered and explained.
  • Progressive rebuilding of your technique; all factors affecting your lift will be noted, explained fully and altered to make your repetitions optimal.
  • Intensity and focus check-ups. You could be in for a shock wake up call here!
  • The option to train with us if you would prefer this to a PT session. This will be more of a coaching session, great to show you the intensity and form that LDNMuscle utilise day in day out. However, we would always suggest traditional PT sessions before this.


What We Do:

To get you to a higher standard in all aspects of training; meaning that by the time we finish working together you will not need a personal trainer, becoming more competent and confident training independently, in regards to:

  • Tempo; all phases of the lift and variation across different protocols.
  • Technique; encompassing main compounds and supplementary lifts.
  • Correct set up and routine; core engagement, correct breathing, stability and safety.
  • Ensuring you employ full and proper range and planes of motion.
  • Rest periods for different training protocols and phases.
  • Variety of lifting protocols; giving you more to select from, utilise and freshen up your own training.
  • Improved self-critique and evaluation intra and post-workout.
  • The importance of good posture and symmetry.
  • How to properly focus, and harness your determination and drive effectively.
  • Muscle-mind connection and true failure (the fun stuff!).



£70 per single session

£300 for 5 sessions (£60 per session)

£550 for 10 sessions (£55 per session)

£1000 for 20 sessions (£50 per session)

£1350 for 30 sessions (£45 per session)


Training Locations:

Lifestyle Training Gym: (PT only gym)

Address: 112 Windmill Road, Sunbury, TW16 7HB

Parking: Lincoln Road, Sunbury, TW16

Nearest Train Station: Upper Haliford

*Please note places are limited so book early to secure your place and desired time and day*

We look forward to meeting you.

Max and James

Additional information

Number of Sessions

1 (£70), 5 (£300), 10 (£550), 20 (£1000), 30 (£1350)


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