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*Please note there is NO requirement to have done V1, this is a standalone pack*

This pack consists of 6 all new, and demanding Back Workouts, featuring a wide range of differing training protocols, all designed to progress and enhance your back.

You can incorporate these workouts alongside any LDNM Guide, or alternatively as a standalone session to isolate and focus on your specific weakness area.

For those of you who completed our Back Pack Pack V1 you will already be aware, but for those of you new to it, be warned extreme DOMS are likely.

As ever we love to hear your feedback and progress, even if it is just to moan about the pain and brutality of the workouts – so be sure to tweet us @LDN_Muscle.

All that’s left to say is good luck and enjoy your DOMS.

Lloyd, Max, James and Tom.


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