LDNM Ultimate Workout Bundle

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Welcome to the LDNM Ultimate Workout Bundle, comprising of ALL of our infamous and demanding muscle group packs, in a single bundle and all for a reduced price.

You will receive all 6 of the following, challenging and innovative LDNM Workout Packs:

  • Arm Destruction
  • Leg Torture
  • Back Pack
  • Abnoxious Abs
  • Boulder Shoulders
  • Chestacular Chest

These packs are ideal to use alongside any of our other LDNM Guides: be it to focus on weakness areas, to incorporate at the end of one of our guides, or equally if you aren’t quite ready to fully commit to a training AND diet plan.

All 6 Packs are just £39.99, that’s over 15% off the price of buying the packs individually.

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